“The pains of labor drove her to the trunk of a date-palm. She said, 'Oh if only I had died before this time and was something discarded and forgotten!' A voice called out to her from under her, 'Do not grieve! Your Lord has placed a small stream at your feet. Shake the trunk of the palm towards you and fresh, ripe dates will drop down onto you.' (Surah Maryam, 23-25)

Modern medicine shows that squeezing an object during labor facilitates the baby's downward passage through the birth canal. The muscles used during contraction are the same as those that propel the baby outside the womb. Various methods are employed to achieve this, such as pulling on a cord suspended from the ceiling or on arms attached to the two sides of the bed or else holding onto and squeezing someone's hand.

A U-shaped bar, known as a "squat bar," mounted onto the bed during labor is used for that end. Pulling on this bar facilitates the baby's leaving the womb, shortens the length of the birth canal, widens the mouth of the womb and reduces the need for many other devices and techniques during labor.(1)

This bar helps the mother's squatting motions as she pulls herself up and down on it. It also means the mother remains immobile as the baby emerges.(2) In this position, the muscles needed to move the baby down the birth canal expend the minimum amount of energy. In addition, with the expansion of the pelvic bone, 30% more room is made available for the baby to pass through. With the expansion and contraction movement, the body's propulsive force is raised to the highest level and the baby is able to move smoothly during the birth process.

There is great wisdom in the way that, by means of Allah's angels, Maryam shook the branches of the palm tree toward her. The Arabic word "huzzee" means "to shake fast, to move or to rock."  In addition to dates facilitating birth and having nutritious properties, pulling the branches toward one to shake them and then letting them pull back in another movement also facilitates birth. This technique applied in our own day, is one of the proofs that Allah supported Maryam (pbuh) with His compassion and that the Qur'an is the word of our Lord, the Omniscient.



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In a very significant verse in surat Al-Najm Allah says about him self: "And that He it is who maketh laugh, and maketh weep," (Quran 53:43)

This verse contains a very nice scientific indication about the lately-discovered fact that foetus has facial expressions while he is in his mother's womb, without being taught to do so.

The miracle of man creation reveals itself in the stages of foetal development which is described by the holy Quran and begins with the creation of germ cells in his parents, then when the sperm meets the ovum fertilizing it and they form the zygote (Nutfa Amshaj) which then becomes a leech-like clot (Alaqah) then chewed-like lump of flesh (Mudgha) which turns into bones covered with flesh, then at the decisive moment this foetus is converted from just some growing cells into another creature full of life and moves in his mother's womb and his facial expressions appears clearly. As after this large technological revolution which occurred lately in scanning embryos, we can now see embryos smiling and crying in their mothers' wombs before they see light on earth.

In the Noble Qur’an, wherever the word ‘Sign(s)’ is used it reveals that something is going to be known for the guidance of those who contemplate over the mysteries of contents in that verse. That is why along with the word sign, people of understanding, people who contemplate, mindful soul, and people of knowledge is more often used through out this Divine Book of guidance. As an example we read in Qur’an as;

(إِنَّ فِي خَلْقِ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالأَرْضِ وَاخْتِلاَفِ اللَّيْلِ وَالنَّهَارِ لآيَاتٍ لِّأُوْلِي الألْبَابِ) آل عمران190

“And in the alteration of night and day, and the food We send down from the sky, and revives therewith the earth after its death, and in the turning about of winds are signs for people of understanding”.(45:4-5).

A focus on the first part of the verse from Qur’an, Allah calls the attention of mankind to the alteration of day and night and all changes it brings along as signs for a mindful soul in understanding Allah. The insight knowledge in the alteration of day and night might count on numerous fields of science together if taken into account. In the field of Biology and Botany for instance, this phenomenon of light and dark period is explained in terms of photoperiod or Photoperiodism and explain the biological response of organisms around the world to the level of dark and light periods for initiation of growth, egg production and flowering. Many flowering plants use a photoreceptor protein, such as phytochrome or cryptochrome, as signals for these seasonal changes in the length of day and night to initiate flowering. For example, when the days are getting longer, the tree might start to produce buds and blooms, since it would sense that spring is on the way. As days shorten, the plant would start to become dormant, producing seeds for next year and taking steps to ensure that it would be ready for winter. This knowledge of photoperiodism in plants has allowed botanists to trick plants grown in greenhouse by manipulating light levels for bloom and seed production at higher prices. It is this alteration of day and night (light: dark) periods, we have various foods available during different season and different areas of the world. Thus the great sign in the alteration of day and night as Qur’n revealed has enabled our sustenance as a ‘Sign” for knowing Allah and guided us to manipulate this process for more production.


Another related term explaining this phenomenon in the field of life science and biology is circadian rhythm. It is considered as an internal biological clock of 24-hour cycle in the biochemical, physiological or behavioral processes of all living entities enabling then to do perform certain actions during this time of 24 hrs. Living things start or stop production of various hormones/ chemicals in response to the turning on and off process of this rhythm. The initiation of day light (dawn) has very strong influence in this turning on and off sessions of internal biological clock. Animals including birds and insects may wake up from sleep or diapauses and prepare for various actions related to their survival. How magnificently all the Knowing has informed us! He causes the dawn to break; and He has made the night for rest, and the sun and the moon for reckoning (of time); this is an arrangement of the Mighty, the Knowing.” (Qur’an 6: 96)

Allah causes dawn to break what? To break this internal clock of 24 hours cycle with help of dawn or day light. Allah almighty, made night repose, rest time or a break time and day for activities. There are specific biochemical reactions that take place either in dark or in light periods. Plants, for instance, prepare to produce phytochrome or cryptochrome in response to light signals. The light dependent process of photosynthesis in which solar energy is harvested and transferred into the chemical bonds of ATP(adenosine triphosphate); can occur only in light as the dawn approaches and glow of light reaches plants. The dark reaction or light-independent reactions produce carbohydrates by using ATP and NADPH that was formed during day time. Evapo- transpiration is accelerated as the temperature rises. In the afternoon, photosynthesis slows down and respiration increases. At night time, as the temperature falls, transpiration in plants slows down and energy reserves are utilized in the formation of compounds. Most plants would die if just one night failed to take place. From this point of view, night means rest and reinvigoration for plants, just as it does for human beings. In human beings the hormone melatonin, secrets at night, prepares the body for sleep by slowing down peoples' physical movements and eases their minds making them sleepy. During sleep, heartbeat respiration, and blood pressure falls down. In the morning, the production of these hormones stops and the body is again stimulated for work. At the same time, sleep allows the body's muscles and tissues to repair themselves and enable the body to replace old or dead cells. As energy expenditure is reduced during sleep, the body starts storing energy throughout the night. Several chemicals vital for the immune system and growth hormones are also secreted during sleep or rest time.

Related Readings:

1.The Noble Qur’an, chapter 3, verse 190, chapter 10 verse 67, chapter 25, verse 47, and chapter 78 verses 09-10 (Tanzil : Quran Navigator)

2.Fendrri, ‘night and day, a sign for the mindful’ Reflecting on the Qur,an http://understandingthequran.blogspot.com/2009/02/night-and-day-sign-for-mindful.html

3.Harun Yahya, ‘reduced movement at night’ Scientific miracle in Qur’an, http://www.miraclesofthequran.com/scientific_84.html#dp


In the Quran, Allah reveals that the creation of man is a miracle. The first human being was created by Allah shaping clay into a human form and then breathing a soul into it, Allah (SWT) says in Quran :

( إذ قال ربك للملائكة إني خالق بشرا من طينٍ ، فإذا سويته ونفخت فيه من روحي فقعوا له ساجدين ) سورة (ص) 71-72

 ( Your Lord said to the angels, "I am going to create a human being out of clay. When I have formed him and breathed My Spirit into him, fall down in prostration to him!")  (Quran  38:71-72)

and also says :

( فاستفتهم أهم أشد خلقاً أم من خلقنا إنا خلقناهم من طين لازب) الصافات 11

 " Then inquire of them: Is it they who are stronger in structure or other things We have created? We created them from sticky clay " (Quran 37:11)

When the human body is examined today, many elements present on the earth are also discovered to be found in the human body. Living tissues contain 95% carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur, with a total of 26 different elements.

In another verse of the Quran we are told:  

(ولقد خلقنا الإنسان من سلالة من طين ) المؤمنون 12

"We created man from an extract of clay"  (Quran 23:12)

The Arabic word "sulala," translated as "extract" in the verse, means "representative example, essence." As we have seen, the information revealed in the Quran 1,400 years ago confirms what modern science tells us-the fact that the same elements as those found in the soil  are employed in the human creation .

Below is a diagram showing the distribution of the elements in a 70-kilo human being.




























As we notice above water forms the main component of the human being and any other being. Allah (SWT) says  :

( والله خلق كل دابة من ماء فمنهم من يمشي على بطنه ومنهم من يمشي على رجلين ومنهم من يمشي على أربع  يخلق الله ما يشاء إن الله على كل شيء قدير) النور 45

" Allah created every [living] creature from water. Some of them go on their bellies, some of them on two legs, and some on four. Allah creates whatever He wills. Allah has power over all things"  (Quran, 24:45)

(وجعلنا من الماء كل شيء حي أفلا يؤمنون َ) الأنبياء 30

" and  We made from water every living thing? So will they not believe?"  (Quran, 21:30)

(وهو الذي خلق من الماء بشراً فجعله نسباً  وصهراً وكان ربك قديراً ) الفرقان 54

"And it is He Who created human beings from water and then gave them relations by blood and marriage. Your Lord is All-Powerful"  (25:54)

When we look at the verses concerned with the creation of human beings and living things, we clearly see evidence of a miracle. One such miracle is of the creation of living things from water. It was only possible for people to come across that information, clearly expressed in those verses, hundreds of years afterwards with the invention of the microscope.

 All life forms need water in order to survive. Animals in dry regions, therefore, have been created with mechanisms to protect their metabolisms from water loss and to ensure maximum benefit from water use. If water loss takes place in the body for any reason, and if that loss is not replaced, death will result in a few days. The famous 17th century scientist Jan Baptista van Helmont discovered in 1640s that water in the soil was the most important element of plant development.

Allah the Almighty says; “And pursue not that you have no knowledge of; surely the hearing, the sight, the heart- all of those shall be questioned of.” (17:36),

(ولا تقف ما ليس لك به علم إن السمع والبصر والفؤاد كل أولئك كان عنه مسؤولا) الإسراء 36 .

and; “Not so did you cover yourselves, lest your hearing, your eyes and your skins should bear witness against you; but you thought that Allah would never know much of the things that you were working.” (41: 22),

( وَمَا كُنتُمْ تَسْتَتِرُونَ أَنْ يَشْهَدَ عَلَيْكُمْ سَمْعُكُمْ وَلَا أَبْصَارُكُمْ وَلَا جُلُودُكُمْ وَلَكِن ظَنَنتُمْ أَنَّ اللَّهَ لَا يَعْلَمُ كَثِيراً مِّمَّا تَعْمَلُونَ ). (22- فصلت)

and: “Say; ‘Think you, if Allah took away your hearing and your sight, and sealed up you hearts, who – a god other than Allah – could restore them to you?’” (6:46)

(قل أرأيتم إن أخذ الله سمعكم وأبصاركم وختم على قلوبكم من إله غير الله يأتيكم به) الأنعام 46 .

Hearing comes before sight in the vas majority of verses in Quran !

Why was sight mentioned in plural in Quran ?

What are the possible reasons behind advancing "hearing" over "sight" in Quran ?

1-     Hearing develops before sight in the embryo stage , and it is the first sense that functions in life.  The function of hearing starts immediately with the baby after deliver, in contrary to the eye which does not function the time the baby is brought to life.  In other words, Allah the Almighty conveys to us that it is hearing that functions at first.  If a disturbing sound is produced near the newly born baby, he/ she feels terrified and cries.  But if a hand is approached near the same baby, he/ she does not move or sense any sort of danger.


2-     Ear is preferred over and more superior than the eye, as it does not stop function by sleep.  Since the very beginning of life, the ear functions at the first instance after delivery, while some other organs may wait days, or years to function.  The eye needs light to see.  Rays of light are reflected on things, then enter the eye to see things.  If it is dark, the eye cannot function, but the ear can function day and night.

3-     Ear is the link between man and the world.  When Allah the Almighty decreed that the Men of the Cave sleep hundred of years, He said; “Then We smote their ears many years in the Cave.” (18 : 11)

فَضَرَبْنَا عَلَى آذَانِهِمْ فِي الْكَهْفِ سِنِينَ عَدَدا [الكهف: 11]

Hence when ear was out of function, men of the Cave were able to sleep hundred of years without any disturbance.  Noisy daylight movements, contrary to night quietness, prevent man to sleep deeply.  Yet the ears never sleep or lose attention.

It is noticed that the word hearing advances the word sight in the whole of Quran, except in one verse, which tackles doomsday: “If only you could see when the guilty ones will bend low their heads before their Lord! ‘Our Lord, we have seen and we have heard; now return us, that we may do righteousness, for we do have sure faith.’” (32: 12)

( ولو ترى إذ المجرمون ناكسوا رءوسهم عند ربهم ربنا أبصرنا وسمعنا فارجعنا نعمل صالحا إنا موقنون ) سورة السجدة  12

In this only verse, Allah forwards the word "see" over that of  "hear", as the horrible scenes of Doomsday (the day of judgment) when overwhelming people, will be seen first before heard of.  Allah knows best.

Another interesting point :

It is also noticed that the word ear is always referred to in the singular form while the word eyes in the plural form. Allah says: “Not so did you cover yourselves, lest your hearing, your eyes and your skins should bear witness against you; but you thought that Allah would never know much of the things that you were working.” (41: 22),

( وَمَا كُنتُمْ تَسْتَتِرُونَ أَنْ يَشْهَدَ عَلَيْكُمْ سَمْعُكُمْ وَلَا أَبْصَارُكُمْ وَلَا جُلُودُكُمْ وَلَكِن ظَنَنتُمْ أَنَّ اللَّهَ لَا يَعْلَمُ كَثِيراً مِّمَّا تَعْمَلُونَ ) (22- فصلت)
and: Say; ‘Think you, if Allah took away your hearing and your eyes, and sealed up your hearts, who – a god other than Allah – could restore them toyou?’” (6:46)

(قل أرأيتم إن أخذ الله سمعكم وأبصاركم وختم على قلوبكم من إله غير الله يأتيكم به) الأنعام 46 .

Why is it in the Quran the word "ear" is singular while "eyes" is plural ?


Why is it, in the Holy Quran, that the word “ear” is always singular, while the word “eyes” is plural? Why could it not be “ears and eyes”, or “ear and eye”?   Allah the Almighty, in such an accurate expression, seeks to reveal to us  the precision of the Holy Quran.  The sense of sight can be willingly controlled by man, as he is opt whether to see or not.  Man can close his eyes for the things he does not like to see, but he cannot do the same with his sense of hearing, as he has no control over ear whether to hear or not.   In other words, when someone is in a room where ten people are talking, their voices will reach his ear whether he is willing or not.   The sense of sight vary among people; someone sees something while another sees something else due to a different variation of sight, while someone else closes his eyes and sees nothing. For hearing, we all share the same sound,  if we are assembled in one place.  Hence eyes vary but ears stand single.

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