Jewels from Quran
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Thereupon Adam received from his Lord certain words, and He accepted his repentance; for He alone is the One who accepts repentance, the Merciful. (Quran 2:37)

We have here the Islamic view of sin and repentance. This view is very clear and simple, with no mysteries or complications. Sin and repentance are two very personal acts. Contrary to the Christian doctrine of ‘original sin’, no sin is ever imposed on a person prior to his or her birth. Nor, as the Church claims, is there ‘divine’ atonement in which Jesus, whom they allege to be the son of God, was crucified to free humanity of Adam’s sin.

Adam took full responsibility for his sin, which he personally committed. Having repented, he was simply and easily absolved of it. Any sins committed by Adam’s offspring would likewise be totally personal. The gateway to repentance and forgiveness is open to all, without restriction or discrimination.


It is a simple and straightforward concept that puts everyone’s mind and heart at rest, and inspires man to do his utmost to succeed and save his soul, and never to despair or give up. Everyone shall be held responsible for what he or she does; none shall carry the burden of another.

These are some of the impressions that the story of Adam, as related in the Qur’ān, evokes. They are rich with meaning and ideas, inspiration and generous advice that can underpin a social system built on virtue and morality. They highlight the significance of such accounts as we find in the Qur’ān, and reinforce the concepts and precepts of the Islamic view and the values on which it is based.

These values originate with God Almighty and are bound to lead to Him in the end. God’s covenant with man is based on man receiving God’s guidance and abiding by its imperatives and principles. The decisive factor is man’s choice either to adhere to and obey God’s commands, or to hanker after Satan’s deceptive allurements. There can be no third way. This foremost and fundamental truth is emphasized throughout the Qur’ān, and it is the foundation on which all human concepts and systems are established.

Source: In the shade of Quran

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