A pilgrim circumambulates the Ka`bah as if he or she is a celestial body orbiting another greater body. Circumambulation of the Ka`bah is to be performed counterclockwise.
Scientific discoveries have proved that we live in a huge universe that depends on revolution.
Earth rotates around itself counterclockwise.
Moon rotates around itself counterclockwise.
Moon is orbiting Earth counterclockwise.
Earth is orbiting Sun counterclockwise.
Sun rotates around itself counterclockwise.
Even sun orbits around the center of our galaxy "the Milky way".
Here the cytoplasm of the living cell rotates counterclockwise.
And in the atoms electrons are orbiting the nucleus
This proves the truthfulness of the call of Islam that there is no god but Almighty Allah. Thus, Islam is the true religion that provides humankind with a comprehensive view in conformity with the divine truth that is apparent in the natural laws of the universe.