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Modern science informed us that the moon is moving around the Earth in an oval, or elliptical orbit. Also the Earth and the rest of the planets, revolve in oval, or elliptical orbit around the sun.

In the holy Quran this movement is described as follows: (And he is the one who created the night, daylight, sun and the moon, all swimming in an orbit). (Quran, The Prophets: 33).

From my point of view, I think God used the names of the sun, moon, night, and daylight as symbols of the four heavenly cosmic creatures,
Night (darkness): nowdays symbolizes dark matter, or what is sometimes called the cosmic fluid, or fabric of cosmos. Dark matter did not glow by the passage of light. Daylight: symbolizes the gases of the earth atmosphere, or other gases in the universe that glow by the passage of light, Sun: symbolizes the stars and the sources of energy and cosmic tremendous heat radiation. Moon: a symbol of the cold rocky objects in the universe.

So night, daylight, sun, and moon are only a set of nearby symbols, that are close to us in the universe, and are having masses, energy, radiation…etc.

The idea behind all of this, is that if God is telling us: (All swimming in an orbit). This means that the natural mechanical movement of every thing in the universe, either it is radiation, dark matter, energy or solid masses, it is swimming, or what we call in physics wavy motion.

What can be understood from swimming (the wavy motion)? throughout many verses in the Quran, and through the Arabic language uses of the word, it is meant by swimming: the moving waves, or moving on the moving waves, is absolutely different from the word floating.

So how come the space objects are moving in oval or elliptical orbits, while God telling us it is moving in a wavy way inside its orbits?

In figure (1) When an object is floating on the surface of a wave, it will appear moving up and down following a circular or oval path, But if this object moves up and down and, at the same time it follows the track of the wave, by moving forward with it, it will appear swimming for an outer observer, but still appear moving in a circular or oval path for an observer located in or on that object.



Also we know from mathematics, if any rotating object needs to keep rotating around its center of rotation, after that center of rotation moved from its place, it must follow a wavy track around it.

Science today has proved that all cosmic objects are moving from its places, due to the expansion of the universe, this means that no object will return to its old place, so since circular or oval path can result only if an object returned to its old starting point, after rotating around another object, this means that no object in the universe is rotating in oval or circular orbit.

So from all of the above, we can reach a result: everything in the universe, to keep its local oval or circular track around another moving object, it must follow a wavy track.

But maybe somebody will ask: how the moon appeared to us moving around the earth in an oval path, while you are saying, it is a wavy orbit?

At first, imagine you were sitting inside a car. in a center of a roundabout, a car came from behind, and moved towards your right, then front of you, then to your left and back to behind. There is no doubt that you will see the vehicle moving around you in a circular path as in figure 2.



Now imagine that you were sitting inside a car, moving smoothly out of the center of the roundabout without your feeling. A car came from behind you figure 3, increased its speed, and passed you from right, then turned to left to be in front of you, then went more to the left to be in your front left side, after that this car reduced its speed, so you started passing it, and it became at your left, then at your rear left, at that moment the driver of that car took to the right, and become behind you, if you were watching that vehicle from inside your car, and somebody asked you describe the path of that vehicle around you, you will tell it came from behind me to right, front, left and behind, so you will describe the path, the same when you described while your vehicle was stationary in the center of the round about, the result is that you are drawing a circular path of that vehicle.

But there is one observer watching from a distance, over your silver car, and over the other yellow car. This observer is drawing a different path than the one you have drawn, he is drawing a wavy path for the yellow vehicle around you, he devised that movement of that vehicle around you in stages: Stage 1: Yellow car behind you, and increases its speed to pass you from behind to right. Stage 2: Yellow car at your right. Stage 3: yellow car passed from right to front of you towards your front left, Stage 4: Yellow car decreased its speed and you passed it, so it become at your left. Stage 5: Your speed is still higher, so the yellow car became at your rear left, later its driver took to the right and became behind you.

The moon is moving in the same way around the earth figure 4, when its behind the earth its speed is the lowest, it is 0.968 km/s, then this speed increases while the moon is passing the earth from the right until it reach max. value (1.022 km/s) at the moment when the moon is in front of the earth, then it begin to decrease while the moon is at the left, the reason why the earth passes it, until the moon become behind the earth again where its speed is the lowest. This will be further explained in the gravity chapter.





The increase and decrease in the speed of the moon, related to the average 30 km/s speed of the earth, where the speed of the moon is added to it while it is at the right side of the earth, and substracted from it while it is at the left, this moon speed increase and decrease, is the same to what is happening with a swimmer, when he pulls on his hands on the water, he gets more speed, and his body raises up, when he interchange between his hands, his speed decreases, and his body goes down, completing a wavy motion, the wave of water itself is doing the same, when its speed increases, it raises up, when its speed decreases it goes down and so on, drawing a wavy track.

Also as the earth speed fluctuates around its average value (29.783 km/s) the sun is moving at a speed of nearly 220 km/s, the increase of the speed of the earth makes it passes the sun, the decrease of its speed makes the sun passes the earth, that is while the earth is moving around the sun, figure. 5.

Note that the earth has two main movements and speeds, one with the sun, its speed equals to the speed of the sun (220 km/s), where the earth here moves with the sun inside the curved space-time of the galaxy, and around its center, while the other movement of the earth has a speed average (29.783 km/s), this speed makes the earth capable of moving inside the local curved space-time around the sun, in a local elliptical path, but when drawing the orbit of the earth according to both movements at the same time, and considering that the earth local speed fluctuates to make it one time passes the sun, while the sun passes it again periodically, the actual orbit will be wavy, this will be discussed and explained in more details in the gravity chapter.




In the following figure 6, I drew the wavy path of the moon around the earth, while the earth is orbiting in a wavy way around the sun.




Here it can be seen, that both earth and moon, are swimming in the sun orbit, also our galaxy is moving with a local group of galaxies at a speed of 2 million km/h or 555 km/second. As the sun swims at an increasing and decreasing speed of average 220 km/s, around the moving center of our galaxy, it will swim one wavy motion every 250 million years; this means our sun has done around 20 wavy motions since its creation. Figure 7 shows how the sun is moving in a wavy track, around the moving center of our galaxy, noting that, this model and all the models I have drawn are not to scale, if it is difficult to draw these to scale in a big area, other bigger orbits will be impossible to be drawn to scale, even on the whole surface of the earth.






This figure 8 shows in the upper side, the earth waving in its orbit with the moon, both around the sun, and the sun with the earth and moon, waving inside one orbit around the moving center of the Milky Way galaxy.


While figure 9 shows a sketch of the wavy orbits of the moon around the earth’s wavy orbit, also showing both earth and moon wavy orbits around the sun’s wavy orbit, while all moon, earth and sun orbits are waving in one orbit, around the center of the milky way galaxy....


When I reached the result: small celestial bodies swim inside bigger orbits of bigger celestial bodies and so on, I was capable of drawing the orbits of the moon in that of the earth, the sun, the milky way galaxy, the local group of galaxies, the galactic clusters, super galactic cluster, and the great wall. Figure 10, is showing these orbits, where we can see that the tracks or orbits in our universe are wavy, this is why we can read in another verse in the Quran, (I swirl by the heaven which own a fabric (texture or knots) property) (Al-Tharieat: 7), knots in Arabic means the wavy curved shapes, that appear on the water, sand, wheat, or fabrics. Also, prophet Mohammad was asked one day: (What is this heavens? He answered: it is waves, but hidden from you or (separated from you)), nowdays we are describing the space in scientific language, that it is having a property of: texture, fabric, gravity waves...etc.






















































When I reached these results, and understood from the description of the heavens, that it has a property of knots, while knots means in our language (Arabic) the wavy ways on tissue, water or sand, I expected to find the combinations of waves from the small over the bigger over the bigger, on the tissues, figure 11, water, figure. 12, and sand figure 13. Actually what I found was the same that I drew for the wavy accumulated orbits of swimming cosmic objects. If I want to draw the maps of tracks of air on tissues, or water,  or sand accumulated waves, it will be the same of that drawn on fig. 10.




This figure shows that the air imprints on the flag waves, that moves the tissue in a wavy way, at the same time we can see small waves over the bigger ones.


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